Product Manager - Solids Materials/Feed Products

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho
Type: Full Time
Min. Experience: experienced

Job Description

The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC is seeking a Product Manager for the Feed Products and Solid Materials Departments. This position will execute the marketing and sales strategy established by the General Manager of Feed Products, consistent with overall department’s objectives of maximizing profitability while minimizing costs and/or maximizing value.
More specifically, the Product Manager will establish and maintain a positive working relationship with customers, environmental regulatory agencies, professional and trade associations as well as develop a company-wide solids material management plan emphasizing the offsite reuse of sugar beet production residual dry material.

The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC is built on innovation and is a proud leader in the sugar industry and that can only happen with the best people. Qualified candidates need to be dynamic and have the ability to work successfully in a fluid environment.

Additional Responsibilities:
• Market beet sugar solids byproducts (beet dirt, precipitated calcium carbonate, etc.) as reusable materials with an overall goal of reducing onsite solids materials inventories at each facility. Prepare marketing information for solids byproduct materials.
• Maintain records of offsite customers utilizing solids materials including contact information, general uses and quantity of materials shipped offsite.
• Prepare a sampling and analysis plan for beet dirt, PCC and other materials consistent with the reuse of these materials (i.e., soil additives, fill, construction, etc.). Ensure samples are collected in accordance with the plan, sample records are well organized and distribute the results to the facilities.
• Prepare an annual solids materials status report which assesses the solids management activities at each facility.
• Review and evaluate facility solids materials management plans required by regulatory agencies to ensure the plans have been completed in accordance with regulatory requirements and prepared in a professional manner.
• Register solids materials with state agricultural departments for use as solid additives and/or composting materials.
• Perform other related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science, Environmental Science, Engineering (Environmental, Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Chemical, Electrical, Industrial), or related field is required or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
• Minimum five (5) years of experience in feed product management preferred;
• OR any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.